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FIS Ski Federation

Croatian Olympic Comittee
 Born: 23.11.1979 in Zagreb
 Weight: 94 kg
 Height: 182 cm
 Ski equipment:
 skis: Fischer
 bindings: Fischer
 ski boots: Fischer
 Personal sponsor: Raiffeisen
 Favourite movies?
The Third Man.
 If you could change you name, what would it be?
Leon or Jura.
 Favourite actor?
Marlon Brando.
 What are you like when you're angry?
Guitar, music, drawing, diving.
 What colour are your bed sheets?
Depends on the hotel.
 Favourite sports?
All except Cricket and Baseball (I don't get them, and I think nothing's going on).
 Do you collect anything?
Only victories.
 Favourite food?
Chevapi, fresh cheese and cream, Cheese from the island of Pag, Prosciutto from Imotski.
 Favourite fruit?
 Who do you support/cheer for in other sports?
All Croatian teams and individuals.
 What would you take on a deserted island?
Everything and everyone I hold dear, and everything I need.
 What do you feel like in the morning?
 Do you keep a diary?
Ever since I can remember.
 Favourite joke?
An American, a German, and a Russian talked about their dreams in life. The American would like to live on Florida with a lot of Whiskey, swimming, Coca-Cola, marihuana, and lots of babes. The German says he would like a summer house on the Bodensee, sleeping on his inflatable, drink a lot of coffee, eat sausages, and have a ton of blondes around him. The Russian answers: I'm in Sibiria, -60°C, I go to sleep, the guard-room is -40°C. I cover myself with a blanked, the commander walks in and yells: "Sergej, guard duty!", and I turn over, knowing my name isn't Sergej!
 Something you'd never change?
Name, Last Name, Citizenship.
 Sexiest female skiers?
Oh, yes, there are a few...
 Mobile phone?
 Zodiac sign?
 What do you always do before the race?
Visualisation, flexing.
 Favourite colour?
Red and blue.
Ivek, Ivo, Kosta, Johnny, Ivichko.
The best!
 Your favorite present?
Anything, if it's from the heart.
 If you weren't a skier, what would you be?
A skier.
 Favourite cities?
Zagreb and Rome.
 Favourite starting No.?
 Ivica's best career results so far

- big Crystal Globe as overall FIS Ski World Cup winner in 2011
- olympic silver medal in combined OWG Torino 2006
- olympic silver medals in slalom and supercombined OWG Vancouver 2010, in supercombined OWG Sochi 2014
- 26 FIS Ski World Cup victories
- 59 FIS Ski World Cup winners' podium placings (39 in slalom)
- small Crystal Globes in slalom in 2002 and 2011
- small Crystal Globes in (super)combined in 2011 and 2012
- slalom world champion FIS WSC St. Moritz (SUI) 2003, silver medal in supercombined - FIS WSC Schladming (AUT) 2013, bronze medal in Super G - FIS WSC Garmisch-Partenkirchen (GER) 2011

 Ivica Kostelić coaching/support team 2014/15:

KOSTELIĆ Ante - head coach
KRISTAN Robert - serviceman SL-GS/ass. coach
BAHOVEC Nikola - serviceman SG-DH/ass. coach
JAKOPOVIĆ Igor - ass. coach
LALIĆ Dubravko - ass. coach
KOSTELIĆ Janica - ass. coach
GHEDINA Kristian - SG-DH ass. coach
PRŠO Zoran - head physio
BUTALA Danko - physio
MUSSI Leo - serviceman coordinator SG/DH

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